Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's going in CEO or MD or Business Owner's mind?

Before we talk on optimizing business, I think that its apt to talk about what is going in CEO or MD or Business Owner's mind? What do they want? Are they interested in any of these frameworks? What outputs they wish to achieve for their organization?

Below, I am trying to list some of the parameters (list below is not exhaustive but indicative) which they might like to measure, track and improve for their organization:
  1. Profits (YoY, QoQ)
  2. Revenue (YoY, QoQ)
  3. Customer Satisfaction (YoY, QoQ)
  4. How many new products or its variants launched and market response?
  5. No of new customers added or retained
  6. Attrition or ability to retain best talent or employee satisfaction
  7. Best Recruits or Ability to attract best talent or how industry perceives us?
  8. Awards or recognitions in the industry
  9. % of market share compared to competition
  10. There are more depending on nature of organization

If top management wishes to address above parameters than what approach should they adopt? or which framework should they deploy? Should they invest in circle of principles? If yes, how? How much?

We will discuss more on approaches and their mapping to business critical parameters in next discussions.

Note: We encourage you to participate in this blog and add your comments on what parameters interests CEOs/MDs/business owners? and Which approach do you prefer to address them?

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