Sunday, December 6, 2009

Circle of Principles (CoP) for High Performing Teams (or Businesses)

We all know that to grow the business and to sustain the growth over time, teams need to continuously look/measure customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue (top line) and profitability (bottom line) as a bare minimum.

If anyone of these goes down, it will be just matter of time that business or organization collapses and it may take significant time and effort to bring it back to its glory.

To achieve above business parameters, we need many high performing teams. High performing team is the one which keeps their commitment (on-time delivery), with best of quality, with right set of features or requirements, keep it in budget and with every project, teams becomes even better.

To do that, businesses/teams needs to adopt Circle of Principles (CoP) as mentioned below:

Quality over Time
Mentors over Managers

Innovation over Compliance
Team Spirit over Individual Excellence
Leading Indicators over Lagging Indicators
Lean Documentation over Comprehensiveness
Measurement of Goodness over Defects
Face to Face Interactions over Emails
Collaboration over Competition
Automation over Manual
Facts over Intuitions

CoP has 11 principles which enables the teams to satisfy its customers, reduces overheads, increases interactions, keep them focused/accountable/happy and in turn grows revenue/profit of the business.

To understand these principles better, have "Prefer" as prefix e.g. Prefer quality over time or prefer measurement of goodness over defects etc. Items on both sides of 'over' are important however businesses/teams which chooses items on left side have more chances of success over a period.

We can discuss each one of these principles in our talks with ample examples whenever we meet.

Hariprakash Agrawal,,,


  1. Good set of Principles, Hari !

  2. Overall good set of principles to keep in mind and instill in everyone in the organization :) I would change the principle 'Coordination over competition' to 'Collaboration over competition' though.

  3. Hari these appear to be a Good set of Principles - one less would be better and employees/associates could remember them all ( 10 in 10 fingers of the hand !!)
    I believe that you might have in another blog stated Purpose for Opcord - would be good to share that also.
    As far as discussing or talking at a Rotary club meeting, the topic maybe around CoP for Opcord and CoP for RBL - similarities and differences !

  4. Thanks Ramki and TV Sir for your feedback and encouragement,

    Ramki, I have updated it with 'Collaboration' after reading even more on the subject. Thanks for sharing.

    TV sir, I thought hard to reduce it to 10 but it doesnt seem to be easy. I have real time scenarios to tell for each one of them that how business or teams can benefit from these principles.

    I am interested in talks so that we all understand the reasons behind and enable our teams and not link with OpCord or RBL. These are general management principles and I wish that each team understands it and use them.

    The bigger plan is to write a book sometime in life with real time scenarios, examples, facts etc.

    1. Hari sounds very interesting to me. Let me know the date as I would like both Arshad and Arfath to join this presentation of yours. I am sure they will take back a lot of knowledge from here.